Laurel was originally known as Bugain (from the word “BUGA” – a black cinder formed from fly ashes during Taal Volcano eruption) with very few settlers as it was once only a remote barrio of Talisay.

After the 1911 Taal Volcano eruption, the human population grew and agricultural cultivation began as the local's primary source of livelihood.  During that time, people still had no access to neighboring except through foot trails and shorelines while several bamboo rafts and bancas were the only means of transportation. 

 However, it was not a hindrance to enabling the place and its people to grow peacefully and progressively. 

The old folks called the flat area as Nayon ng Bayuyungan (derived from Bayong which means a native rice bag woven from buri palm) and became the center of all other barrios. Messrs. Jose Macaraig, Mr. Placido T. Amo  (both deceased) and Mr. Severino Amo took initiative to have the people of barrios Berinayan, Balakilong, As-is, San Gabriel, Bugaan, Buso-buso, Ticub, and Bayuyungan signed a petition to make this an independent town with its own governing body.  

It was first endorsed to former Senator Maria Kalaw Katigbak who in turn presented the same to ex-President Diosdado Macapagal.  When Mr. Placido T. Amo was elected Vice Mayor of the municipality of Talisay, the late Jose Macaraig continued to follow up the papers of Bayuyungan whose people were really determined to make it a new town but during that time, a barrio can be converted into a town only upon approval of the Congress and not through Presidential Proclamation.

Vice Mayor Placido T. Amo then presented the concern to Mayor Amando Laurel and the Municipal Councilors as well, who in turn forwarded a resolution to Batangas Governor Feliciano Leviste. The Provincial Board responsively endorsed a resolution to the former speaker of the House Hon. Jose B. Laurel, Jr. and finally through House Bill No. 17628 and Republic Act No. 5689 dated June 21, 1969, the Municipality of Laurel  (in honor of the late Jose P. Laurel, Sr.) was created with seven (7) barrios while barrio Bayuyungan became the Poblacion area.

The first set of officials acted on November 8, 1971, with Hon. Placido T. Amo as Mayor, Hon. Deogracias J. Natanauan as Vice Mayor and Hon. Pascual Bihis, Hon. Galicano Barrion, Hon. Severino Endaya, Hon. Alipio Canta and Hon. Gemeniano Palomeno acted as Municipal Councilors.

The Municipality of Laurel celebrated its first Foundation Day on March 9, 1972, in commemoration of the birth anniversary of the late Jose P. Laurel, Sr.  Thereafter, the Municipality became prosperous and progressive with a total area of 7,129.29 hectares envisioned for AGRI-ECO-TOURISM.